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Regulations for safe work at the Basic Physics Laboratory  

To make their work at the laboratory safe, the students are obliged to comply to the following rules. 

  1. Eating, drinking and smoking in laboratory rooms is strictly forbidden. Outerwear as well as rucksacks, large bags should be deposited in cloakrooms. 
  2. During the classes students should stay at the measuring stand and comply to the orders of the teacher. If students must leave the measuring stand they should inform about it the teacher in charge. 
  3. Measuring instruments and electric circuits can be connected to the source of power only on prior consent of the teacher and in his/ her presence. 
  4. Special caution should be exercised while working with electric circuits. Any modification or repair of equipment by students is strictly forbidden. 
  5. Students are forbidden to look directly into the beam of laser or microwave radiation or to put hands into a magnetic field. Any unnecessary exposure to scattered or reflected irradiation should be avoided. 
  6. On observing any irregularities in the work of any instrument or apparatus, e.g. excessive heat emission, excessive noise, flooding with liquid, etc., students should immediately alert the teacher or/ and laboratory worker. 
  7. Students having any concerns about safety in laboratory should ask the teacher. 
  8. Fire safety regulations must be strictly obeyed. 
  9. Any student found to disobey the safety regulations for safe work at the Laboratory will be subject to consequences up to removal from the laboratory. 
  10. After completion of experiment, the measuring stand should be tidied up and left ready to use for the next person. 


 All students taking up classes at the Basic Physics Laboratory should confirm with their signature that they have read and accepted the above rules.